Saturday, September 28, 2013

Smens Gourmet Scented Pens Review

          I was blessed to have won a giveaway at RecycleScene for a totally awesome set of Smens Gourmet Scented pens.  I received 10 pens all were black ink, however each had a different yummy scent!  Included were: wild berry, blueberry syrup, orange, juicy melon, passion fruit, mocha, tropical, lemon lime fizz, black cherry and cinnamon.  I can not stress enough how fantastic these smell!  But besides smelling great these pens work wonderfully for their intended use as well.  The ink is a nice rich shade of black and they flow very smoothly.  I am a total pen collector and I can honestly say these are a total gem in my collection! 

                                                       Black Cherry my favorite!

          So they are pretty cool but the best thing about these pens is that they are made of recycled materials!! Here is an excerpt from the Smencil Website for a more detailed explanation:
 " We roll sheets of recycled newspaper to form cylinders that serve as the bodies of the pens. Then the cylinders are hardened and soaked in our gourmet liquid scents (made by an award winning fragrance company). Once they’re dry, we assemble the pens- including the pen caps that identify the scent of each Smen. Lastly, we put each Smen into its own corn-based biodegradable Freshness Tube."
 So my advice is if you love pens get you some  Smens!!!
 Links!  :
Smencil website
Buy Smens on Amazon


The site I won these from is Recycle Scene this super cool website is chock full of great Recycling Information !
With lots of how-tos, advice, fun projects and even deals & coupons!  Who could ask for more!  Please check them out!!

Here are the Recycle Scene links:

Recycle Scene Web site
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