Tuesday, September 3, 2013

From Like to Love

Book Review:

  "From Like to Love"- For young people with   Asperger's syndrome.  (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
           By: Tony Attwood, PHD  & Michelle Garnett, PHD

        Autism is commonly misunderstood, when I learned of it I did not know that it was a spectrum disorder. I had only been exposed to the the severe and debilitating side of the spectrum. "From Like to Love" introduced me to Asperger's syndrome, a more mild form of autism, one that comes with it's own unique challenges.
        Most notable of these the difficulty when confronted with affection and dealing with empathy. Unlike the typical response to physical displays of affection ie. hugging, kissing; the ASD child may shy away or even stiffen under the touch of a loving parent. This reaction can continue throughout the ASD child's life into adulthood, making forming bonds and attachments to others quite difficult.
Dr.s' Attwood and Garnett set forth that with support, loving guidance and a set program the ASD child can develop a stronger understanding of emotions, affection and empathy towards others. The authors have not only gave parents a tool to greater understanding of their ASD child; but has also given them the gift of a fantastic program within the pages of "From Like to Love". 
       The activities included are thought provoking and meant to facilitate deep thought and understanding within the ASD child. I believe that this book will be a blessing to many people and open up the dialog between parents and ASD children.

* I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads.


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