Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blucy: The Blue Cat

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Blucy: The Blue Cat
By:  Julia Dweck

As soon as I received this e-book from the author, my boys and I dove right in! And who wouldn't? The cover illustrations are magnetic! Julia Dweck takes you on the perfect adventure for a child, adopting a cat. Filled with fun rhymes and silly situations. Little Mandy finds the perfect kitty and names her Blucy. Mandy quickly learns that Blucy is extra special, unique and a bit mischievous. In the end Mandy and Blucy learn they are perfectly imperfect and just right for each other! The illustrator is Erika LeBarre and she did an amazing job bringing the story to life in vivid colors and imaginative designs. This book is perfect for a wide range of audiences, and will become a staple in my homeschooling preschool curriculum! 

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