Thursday, August 29, 2013

Book review of Mary had a Sleepy Sheep!


         Book review of Mary had a Sleepy Sheep!

  Julia has done it again!  In this story little Mary has a sheep....but this is a narcoleptic sheep!  The sheep aptly named Sheppard is unable to stay awake through his daily routine with Mary.  So in desperation Mary takes us on a giggle filled ride trying to wake Sheppard up!  Mary spins Sheppard around the dance floor...entices him with spicy food,even douses him with water among other antics with no result.  So upon deep contemplation; Mary decides to do the opposite of humans and have Sheppard count humans to stay awake! Did it work??  Well you will have to read a copy to find out!!  
This book is easy to read and full of fun rhymes which are great for young children learning to read.  Not only is this a great book but the illustrations are very captivating! A gentleman named Wilson Williams Jr. was the artist who brought Mary & Sheppard's story to life in amazing detail.  He recently passed away but he will live on through the beauty that he captured on these pages!
Mary Had a Sleepy Sheep will be available for pre-sale now until 9/4/13 and will be available for sale live on 9/5/13 from Amazon.

(I received a digital copy from the author in exchange for an honest review)

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