Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Adventures in Laundry Detergent Making!

 So I decided to try my hand at making laundry detergent!  I collected these.
And this!


Grate 1/2 the fels naptha bar and 1/2 the zote finely with a cheese grater
Add 2 cups washing soda and 2 cups borax and the grated soap in to a bucket, put on the top and shake to mix.
Add 1 tablespoon to each load, in the wash itself not in the detergent cup. For really dirty loads add 2 tablespoons.

This is the final product:
  I am soo in love with this!  I made this the first of June and still have a bunch left.  It works on all our clothes, leave zero residue and does not break out my super sensitive baby's skin!!

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