Thursday, November 28, 2013

**Public Service Announcement**

Some stores have decided to start their black Friday sales this evening so begins the next 24 hrs of hectic and hell for their employees. PLEASE if you are out scavenging for a great deal please do not be hateful ungrateful jerks to the employees. It is not the salesman's or clerk's fault if a store does not have ____ item you are dying for, nor are they responsible for pricing. Please RESPECT limits and rules. FINALLY take care and concern to not trample or hurt other customers or their children, or even salespeople. Try and take your common sense and common decency with you if you are venturing out. ************************** And if you get the chance please stop and thank salespeople who help you, they are there missing out on family time, or family time is cut short so that YOU can get a _____ whatever at a cheap price.
***Love and prayers to all my friends & family who work retail during this darkest 24 hrs of the year***

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